2019-present walks

Current Walking Seminars take place in the Netherlands and South Africa. A edited volume with foot journeys through Groningen in the Anthropocene will be published through Nai010 publishers in June 2020. River walks along the Meuse in the Limburg region and along the Liesbeek river in Cape Town are in development.


2016-2018 walks

The Walking Seminars that took place from 2016 until 2018 – in Berlin, the Groningen province, the Amsterdam Zoo and on Table Mountain – were organized within in the framework of the artist-in-residency of Nick Shepherd at the Reinwardt Academy of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. The artist-in-residency project was titled Archaeologies of Memories and included walking seminar solely focused on students of the Reinwardt Academy as well as seminars organized for artists, scholars and others.

A report on these walks can be find here.


2014-2015 walks

The first two episodes of the Walking Seminar took place under a different header, namely the Curatorial Residency. Conceived as a 7-day residency for transdisciplinary discussion, methodological innovation, and the production of work, the central theme of these Walking Seminars was Human Nature / Cultures, Table Mountain and the City of Cape Town. Participants were amongst others artists, scholars and architects as Barry Christianson, Daniela Joffe, Gcobani Sipoyo, Lesley Green, Christine Hansen, Meghna Singh, Hedley Twidle, Ilze Wolff and others.

The 2015 episode was organized in close collaboration with Ingrid Martins Holmberg and Henric Benesch as well as Mikela Lundahl, Anna Bohlin and Staffan Appelgren of the Critical Heritage Studies initiative at the University of Gothenburg.

A report on these walks can be find here.